Malcolm Jenkins on his return to the Saints: ‘New Orleans is family’

Jenkins spent 2009-13 with the Saints

Malcolm Jenkins on his return to the Saints: ‘New Orleans is family’
Jenkins spent six seasons with the Eagles (Source: Paul Spinelli)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - It’s been six long years since Malcolm Jenkins left New Orleans to play for the Eagles. But now he’s back, and it feels so good.

""I am very, very excited to be coming back to New Orleans, especially at this point in my career. It kind of feels like everything’s coming full circle and obviously with the success that the team has had in the last few years, being able to come back and just help push the team just with that one more step that I think it needs to be back in that Super Bowl again. I’m super excited and grateful for Mrs. Benson, Mickey Loomis and Sean (Payton) for giving me the opportunities to come back. New Orleans is family. I still have a place down there and my second daughter’s middle name is NOLA because I love that place," said Malcolm Jenkins.

Jenkins resume’ in Philly was no doubt impressive. He was a defensive captain, and won a Super Bowl with the Eagles.

“I think I’ve grown tremendously. Mainly because I think I figured out what it is I do best and what roles those are. I think I have a better understanding of how to do that in a defense and coaches I think have allowed me to excel in that role. I think I’ve grown a lot just from learning the game, but also learning (about) myself," said Jenkins.

Jenkins is a valuable asset to any organization. But when he entered free agency, only two teams had a shot at his services.

“For me, it really was not about the highest bidder or anything like that. I knew I wanted to either stay in Philadelphia or if I was going to go anywhere else it was going to be New Orleans. Just because at this point in my career I want to be near my family, to be on a team that can win and to be happy. For me, this was my first choice and it seemed to be mutual so (there was) no need for me to really wait too much longer," said Jenkins.

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