McNeese coaches react to canceling of spring sport seasons

McNeese coaches react to canceling of spring sport seasons

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - From the suspension of pro leagues such as the NBA and MLB to the cancellation of March Madness, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely shocked the world of sports. The domino effect eventually led to the cancellation of the college spring sports season. That means no baseball, softball or track for McNeese.

“I think Jake Dickerson said it best. This was before the announcement and he said ‘Guys, do y’all want to take a week off before we get back going?’ And the most genuine heartfelt thing he said was ‘Coach I just want to be together,' McNeese head baseball coach Justin Hill said. "And that’s what we can’t have right now. We can’t have that as a team, we can’t have that as a society and that’s the hardest thing right now is we can’t be together. That’s what they learned. Yeah they learned how to win baseball games and other stuff but everything we want right now in society, everything that you want in your family, they just want to be together. That’s why closing the building that day was one of the hardest damn things I ever had to do.”

Even with the sudden changes and the feeling of emptiness without being able to compete, the McNeese coaches are remaining hopeful that the right decisions will be made regarding the future of their players and programs.

“Every sport is pretty much put at a halt right now so I think we all go back to an even playing field," said McNeese head softball coach James Landreneau. "I think the difference is how the leaders in our sports handle it and what kind of rules are made. I think like anything else, in a time of crisis it’s not the adversity that’s going to beat you it’s how you handle it. If you handle it wrong it could be devastating but if you find a way to handle the best situation you can and respond the correct way, you’re always going to be able to survive and thrive.”

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