McNeese athletics discuss changes due to coronavirus

McNeese athletics discuss changes due to coronavirus

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - It’s usually the busiest time of the year for college athletes. But this week, the pause button has been hit. Interim McNeese Athletic Director Tanner Stines says it’s tough for students.

“I think they are initially pretty upset," McNeese Athletic Director Tanner Stines said. "The uncertainty is harder for them. it’s their senior year or it’s their junior year.”

While the NCAA is set to discuss ‘eligibility relief’ – meaning those athletes playing some spring sports be allowed to redshirt this year – it’s a waiting game for student-athletes.

“As we speak the NCAA is reviewing a spring sport wide waiver for their eligibility. So, all four years, everyone on the roster right now, it’s as of this year did not count and they will all have another year. But what we don’t know on the other side of that is how that will affect each campus, scholarship, financial aid. There are roster limits, so, if you don’t graduate your seniors how will that look for the incoming freshman. So, there’s a lot of other decisions that they (NCAA) must come up with on how that will look like. It will look like that for the next four years,” Stines added.

Stines says the McNeese athletic department is taking the coronavirus outbreak day by day.

“As of today, there are 12 conferences that have canceled full whole season, all practice everything banned for the rest of the semester," Stines said. "I don’t think we are there yet. We are waiting on the guidance of the larger conferences.”

In the coming weeks, as the coronavirus situation develops, McNeese is taking precautions.

“It’s really dictated by where you are. There are some schools that are in major populated areas that already have infected cases and they are being way more precautionary than campuses that are in less infected areas and don’t have any cases. There are also philosophical views about whether your kids should be in a room with each other or by themselves. But we’re making every decision in the best sense of the student-athletes," Stines said.

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