G2 LNG project for Cameron revised to compete better globally

Updated: Mar. 5, 2020 at 9:02 PM CST
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -Despite various global issues that come up and investment decisions not yet final, oil and gas industry officials see a bright outlook for LNG.

One export company planning to locate in Cameron Parish has revised their project to make it more competitive globally.

The G2 LNG export project is still in the works for Cameron Parish, but the name is now G2 Net-Zero LNG. The chairman, Chas Roemer, says they have made changes that will help them compete better around the world.

“There’s technology that exists now, there’s things that weren’t in place when we started four years ago that will allow us to be the world’s first LNG facility with net-zero emissions. So, we can provide both quality energy at an affordable price with no emissions, net-zero emissions from our facility,” said Roemer.

Roemer says they have utilized new technology to change their design which he says will appeal more to those in markets around the world.

“We’re exporting our product primarily around the world, so our end users around the world want to be able to say they’re using the cleanest fuel possible. So, we’ll be providing that right here in the Lake Charles area,” he said.

The company is expected to produce industrial gases with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by as early as 2026, thereby helping to produce more energy with less carbon. He says it means cleaner air.

“Carbon dioxide. We’ll capture all our carbon dioxide. Methane, we’ll capture all our methane. Those are the two main environmental concerns when it’s related to any kind of energy infrastructure. We’ll also not put particulates in the air,” said Roemer.

He says they will likely break ground on parts of the $11-billion project within the next two years.

Roemer was on a panel here at the annual industry meeting with Louisiana oil and gas companies. The meeting was jointly presented by LMOGA and LOGA. It wraps up Friday morning.

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