Lake Charles woman asks for public’s help in unsolved drive-by shooting

Updated: Feb. 27, 2020 at 8:02 PM CST
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Imagine sitting in your living room, while bullets are flying through the walls just inches away from you and your family.

That’s a real-life nightmare that happened to a Lake Charles woman who wants to remain anonymous. She says it’s been over a month since she was shot in the arm at her Gelpi Drive home and there are still no arrests.

“It looks like a horror crime scene, something you’d definitely see in movies. I’ve never experienced this in my life, I’ve only seen this in the movies," she said.

A house riddled with bullet holes and blood dried on the floor. Those are the traces left behind of the drive-by shooting that happened the night of Jan. 19.

“I accidentally dropped my daughter because she was in the arm I got shot in, so she fell to the floor, my fiancee was in the bathroom taking a shower, I yelled out his name and that’s why there’s so much blood in here. I was panicking," she said, pointing to the dried blood in the bathroom. "He came out of the shower and he actually missed a bullet here in the shower. So, thank god that didn’t hit him. Once we realized the shots were going into my son’s room, we immediately ducked down until all the shots were fired.”

While she’s on the path to recovery, she said things could have ended much worse for her daughter.

“So many thoughts have been running through my mind as to what could’ve happened. She could’ve been shot, she could’ve died in my arms. Anything could have happened," she said.

She’s grateful her eight-year-old son was staying with his grandpa that night.

“Thank god he was not home, because if he would have been home, he definitely would have gotten hit because there were more than 10 bullets in his room," she said.

Those bullets even hitting his daily chore list.

She said she has no idea who could have done this, but she’s pleading that anyone with information come forward.

“A shot to the arm out of 20 shots? That was nothing but God,” she said. “I would hate for this to happen to anyone else, especially with these people not caught. I feel like justice needs to be served."

We reached out to the Lake Charles Police Department about any leads, but we’re told they can’t comment on any ongoing investigations. They say if anyone has information regarding this drive-by, you can call Crimestoppers at 337-439-2222.

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