Hometown Hero - Frank Landry

Hometown Hero - Frank Landry

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - This week’s Hometown Hero is a Lake Charles man who keeps giving, even when he’s facing medical issues.

“I love working," said Frank Landry. "I’ve been working since I was 9 years old. I love to work anytime. I don’t like to be home. That’s for someone who is lazy. Never was lazy. My mama had 11 children and I never was lazy.”

While Landry’s full time job is a custodian here at McNeese State University, he also volunteers any place he can. And that includes the Banners Cultural Series at the school.

“While Frank may be an employee, he is also a volunteer for the Banners program,” said McNeese President Dr. Daryl Burckel. “Whatever they need done, Frank will do for Brook and her staff. So they may have a set up they need to take place and they don’t have to worry about it. They ask Frank, it’s going to get done and it’s going to be done just right.”

“Frank is someone you can depend on,” said Brook Hanemann, Director of Banners. “He is a man of integrity. He is there to serve. All about service before self. Always there to help you. You would never know if he needs any help, but he is always there with an open hand to help you.”

The 58 year old Landry has been undergoing kidney dialysis for years and now faces the need for a new kidney.

“It wasn’t until recently I found out he was dealing with some issues and he needs a transplant and is hopefully very close to getting one,” recalled Hanemann. “So we’re excited about that. We hope that we can support him in that also.”

A “Go Fund Me” account for Frank Landry has been set-up by his friends and family to help with his transplant medical expenses.

Until that donor is found, Frank says he’ll continue to keep working and volunteering/

“I like working because if I go home and rest because of dialysis, they say I need to rest," said Landry. The doctor said whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. I go to work. Any job that I can get, I do.”

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