Better Business Bureau reminds people to report FedEx scam

Better Business Bureau reminds people to report FedEx scam

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - FedEx is seeing a new scam, in which several people have been getting emails and texts from numbers claiming to be the delivery company.

“What the goal is for them is to click the link and it could be a virus. A virus most likely is going to be downloaded onto your phone, or, it could give the person who sent you that link access to your information," Ashley Durel, operations manager at the Lake Charles Better Business Bureau, said.

Durel said some of these messages are personalized to convince you they’re real.

“They are seeming more and more legit as days go on. That’s just what happens with technology. A lot of your information is out there, your cell phone number, your name can all be public record," Durel said.

Which is why Durel said it’s important to never click on links from unknown numbers.

“Delete it. You can also block the number if you have an iPhone. I’m not sure about the android, but I’m sure you can. Just disregard it. If you’re not expecting anything from FedEx, just never click the link," Durel said.

She said aside from blocking the number, another way to get in front of these scams is to report it to the BBB Scam Tracker.

“A bunch of federal government agencies use this database because it’s a collection of all the different scams going around. They’re able to see which areas are being hit when and maybe hopefully track down where they’re coming from," Durel said.

FedEx is aware of the issue, and said in a tweet you can report these messages to

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