Iowa Mall changed since new management

Iowa Mall changed since new management

IOWA, La. (KPLC) - The I-10 Outlet Mall in Iowa is still open, currently housing two retailers: the VF Outlet and a gift shop.

Recently, the Kitchen Collection closed its doors, but Iowa Mayor Paul Hesse said that the closure wasn’t because of the mall.

“The Kitchen Store, the reason they closed down, due to the corporate office, this was a franchise," Mayor Hesse said. "They just didn’t feel comfortable going it along and getting the prices that it needed.”

Although the mall is not as busy as it once was, retailers such as the Iowa Senior Center and a driver safety program are located inside the mall.

“Where I see it going is probably a different direction other than retail," said Christy Boudreaux, program coordinator for the Iowa Senior Center. "So more in the lines of a strip mall type, where they have several different optical, whatever, not that there’s optical coming in, you know what I mean, other businesses inside the mall.”

The mall has made changes since new management took over three years ago.

“You know the mall is under new ownership,” Boudreaux said. “Since the new owners have taken over, the roof has been replaced, so the leaks have been taken care of. As far as emptiness, you can see signs “For lease” all over, they’ve contacted, they’re definitely trying to take it up.”

A new market event held twice a year is driving foot traffic, Boudreaux said.

“The mall had a Magnolia market and it was full," Boudreaux said. "Fuller than it had been in years, the parking lot front and back was packed so that was great.”

Mayor Hesse explained that the Iowa City Council did approve a road to go directly to the mall from the exit, but the plan is still in the works.

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