A look inside King Cakes

The story behind the king cake

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Many traditions make up Mardi Gras, but one of the most familiar, and certainly the sweetest, is the King Cake.

Delicious Donuts makes king cakes by hand, packed with filling and decorated with jewelry.
Delicious Donuts makes king cakes by hand, packed with filling and decorated with jewelry. (Source: KPLC)

The circle of cinnamon goodness has been around for centuries, but some locals in Lake Charles said Delicious Donuts makes a memorable one.

Lake Charles resident Craig Boudreaux remembered the first time he tried a king cake from the bakery.

“It just tasted fabulous and different,” Boudreaux said. “It’s got a little dense-ness to it, so you don’t have to eat half of one... you probably shouldn’t.”

Most king cakes start with cinnamon, butter and sugar. Delicious Donuts then fills the cake with over 30 different flavors, such as strawberry cream cheese, pecan pralines with cream and seafood for those who like a savory treat.

Owner Paula Stevens, who has made cakes for over 30 years, said her cakes are made by hand, packed with filling.

“We made them like we would want to eat them, not necessarily how everybody else made them,” Stevens said.

As customers moved in and out of the store, Stevens explained the meaning behind the king cake season, which starts on Twelfth Night.

“It was the night that the three kings went to visit baby Jesus," Stevens said. “Therefore the three colors, the purple, green and gold are represented for the three kings that came to visit and the gifts that they brought.”

The iconic plastic baby is hidden in every cake. Tradition says whoever finds it in their slice of cake gets good luck.

“My kids were very lucky, they got the baby all the time,” Stevens said. “They thought they were the luckiest kids ever. I’m sure there was nothing shady going on behind who got the baby, but it is what it is.”

Delicious Donuts makes king cakes all year long by order after Mardi Gras season is over. Stevens said it makes her the happiest when customers come in, especially if they’ve traveled a long distance.

“I just want to make a good product and know that my customers are happy," Stevens said. “As long as they’re walking out the door, we’re going to keep mixing dough and keep making cakes.”

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