Former Beauregard sheriff candidate Jose Chapa indicted for perjury

Former Beauregard sheriff candidate Jose Chapa indicted for perjury

DERIDDER, La. (KPLC) - A former candidate for Beauregard Sheriff has been indicted in a Beauregard court on a perjury charge.

Jose “Lil Joe” Chapa was indicted for allegedly committing perjury during a civil hearing challenging his candidacy for sheriff: “Orallee Robinson, et al versus Jose Ray “Lil Joe” Chapa II, et al.”

When Chapa signed up to run, he had no shortage of political ambition.

“Oval Office 2048. That’s when I plan on running, 2048,” he said, about his future plans.

But, besides being a teenager running for sheriff, he was also in the limelight because a group of concerned citizens filed suit alleging that he failed to meet the residency requirements.

“He registered to vote in Texas. His father, being an unemancipated minor, he would fall under his parents. His father had a legal drivers license until 2019 in the State of Texas, which makes you a resident. His father’s registered to vote in Texas. He’s registered to vote in Texas. He registered to vote after he turned 18 in Texas and didn’t register here, in March of this year,” said Orallee Robinson, in August, after a hearing on the election challenge.

During the August 16 hearing, Judge Kerry Anderson warned Chapa about the seriousness of being truthful while giving testimony under oath.

Nethaneel Savoie, another of those who filed suit, said Chapa lied on the witness stand and he wanted an investigation.

“He knew he was perjuring himself. Now we have to try to get investigators to pick it up, that can actually, the Sheriff’s Department investigators, they can go and prove a perjury case," said Savoie, after the court hearing.

But after the hearing. Chapa insisted he was truthful while testifying. When asked if he told the truth he responded:

"Absolutely. I mean whenever you ask, ‘Did you tell the truth,’ like I told you before, I was under oath. We have to tell the truth,” said Chapa.

“I am here to tell you the truth. And why would I have a problem with giving it out, that’s public record. It’s just the truth. It’s just the truth And that’s what I’m here for, to give the truth,” he said.

Beauregard Daily News reporter Orallee Robinson “O. Chip Robinson,” and four other Beauregard residents challenged Chapa’s candidacy based on residency requirements.

Chapa, who was 19 when he ran for sheriff last year, won the election challenge, although he finished last of five candidates in the sheriff’s race. Mark Herford was elected sheriff.

Chapa is expected to turn himself in next week.

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