Local resident receives scam phone calls claiming to be from Apple

Local resident receives scam phone calls claiming to be from Apple

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - David Lemasters has been receiving multiple calls from various numbers, all claiming to be from Apple.

“It’s a prerecorded message that says that your Apple account has been compromised, and then, ‘Please call this message,’ " said David Lemasters. "We were out running errands Saturday, and we come back and there were six recorded messages on the voicemail. So, it was tying up the voicemail on our phone and it got so bad Sunday, that we had to unplug the phone.”

Lemasters received around 20 phone calls claiming to be from Apple over the weekend.

“Whenever we would see Apple come up on caller ID, we would hit block,” Lemasters said. “Then it would switch to another source. Eight different area codes have come in.”

KPLC called back the numbers and found that they’re all legitimate phone numbers from Apple stores across the country.

“Apple is aware that some customers are receiving unsolicited calls claiming to be from this Apple store,” said a prerecorded message at one of the Apple stores. “If you do receive an unsolicited call, you should not provide any information to the callers.”

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso says that scammers are able to call from phone numbers of legitimate agencies, not just Apple. Many of those legitimate agencies do not make calls for information.

“As a rule of thumb, if you get a phone call, then you need to probably hang up and we’d like you to call it in and report it, even if you didn’t get anything monetarily taken or anything happened because at least then we can be aware of it,” Sheriff Mancuso said.

Sheriff Mancuso also has tips for those that have been targeted:

- Never give your personal information, especially your Social Security number over the phone.

- Contact the entities that the scammers are claiming to be. Hang up the phone, and call the actual number they say they are and ask if they are trying to contact you.

- Resist the pressure. Do not panic so you can check for legitimacy.

Apple, on its website, urges those who have been scammed to call local law enforcement and to contact them directly.

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