City of Sulphur addresses dirty water issue

City of Sulphur addresses dirty water issue

SULPHUR, La. (KPLC) - When you draw a bath, you probably don’t expect the water to be brown.

After a resident posted pictures of the water to social media, people living in the area say this isn’t the first time they’ve seen this happen. Sulphur Mayor Mike Danahay admitted they had water problems last May, but he said this recent report is a separate issue they believe they’ve gotten to the bottom of.

“We had a well that had collapsed on us and was putting an inordinate amount of iron in the water. We have since opened two new wells which has cleared that problem completely," Danahay said. “If you have an in-ground water system, sediment does get into the lines. We do filter it of course but some of it does get past the system into the lines. It usually rests in the bottom of the systems and if it’s disturbed that’s when you’ll see it come through the water system.”

In this instance the water has since improved, something Danahay said is thanks to the public works team.

“Whenever we receive a complaint like this, we immediately react to it. We send our people there. The first thing to do is immediately flush the lines, check all valves, make sure all valves are open. When we do that, the water clears pretty quickly," Danahay said.

He stressed if a resident has an issue like this, the best thing they can do is contact the water plant or the city.

During water plant operating hours (7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.) residents can call: 337-527-4582

After hours, residents can call city hall at 337-527-4500 where a dispatcher will connect you to a plant operator. The City of Sulphur has operators at the water plant 24 hours a day if the city needs to be notified of an issue.

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