TIGERS OF A DIFFERENT STRIPE: Optometrist husband and wife rooting for alma maters in national championship

House divided: LSU vs. Clemson fans

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - As the national championship game gets closer, LSU fans in the Lake Area are getting ready. One of them is Dr. Mason McCain, an optometrist in Lake Charles.

“I didn’t apply to any other colleges," he said. "That’s the only place I wanted to go, I was going to LSU.”

Dr. McCain graduated from LSU along with his dad and sister. Needless to say, they’re a big LSU family. McCain’s favorite thing about his alma mater is the football team.

“(I) love going to LSU football games and actually I’ve been going to LSU football games since I was a little kid,” he said.

With the national championship coming up, it’s a special time for McCain.

“You know I’m very excited,” he said. "(It’s a) little bit more unique because Lauren’s team is also in the national championship and we don’t pull for the same team.”

Dr. Lauren McCain is Mason’s wife. Both are optometrists at McCain Family Eyecare. Both love the Tigers, just different Tigers.

“So, I went to Clemson University," Dr. Lauren McCain said.

That’s right, he’s in love with a Clemson Tiger.

“We’ve been hoping our two teams would play for a long time and now we’re getting a chance to watch it," he said. "Little nervous because you know we got to watch the game next to each other.”

While she might not be an LSU fan, Lauren said her in-laws have always been supportive of her team - until now.

“They’re really good at, you know, cheering alongside me, I think they’re always very pleased that my team is doing well," she said. "It might be a little bit different this time I’m sure.”

The McCains said they look forward to watching the game and seeing which Tigers team will walk away with the win.

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