Beauregard citizens opposed to gas compressor station will ask for public hearing

Beauregard citizens opposed to gas compressor station will ask for public hearing
The compressor station would be located off Gaytine Road in Beauregard Parish. (Source: kplc)

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -Some people int he Ragley area of Beauregard Parish are concerned about a proposed industrial facility in their area.

Port Arthur Pipeline is part of the Sempra company.

Late last year, homeowners off Gaytine Road were notified the company wants to put in a new compressor station there.

If approved, it would be used to transport natural gas through pipelines.

Resident Ken Parks, who lives within a half mile of the site, has a number of concerns and will ask for a public hearing.

“We are concerned about the noise, we are residents that are really concerned, are in the blast zone of this, concerned of the safety, the noise, the lighting. There are concerns of property values,” said Parks.

As well, Parks is concerned another compressor station might stifle community growth.

“The pipeline started their project is 2017. Perhaps this was a nice, little small community, rural agriculture. But it is really growing since our expansion in Lake Charles. Calcasieu and Cameron Parishes. So, the whole environment and landscape is changing out here,” said Parks.

And he’s concerned the roads cannot take the traffic. Parks hopes the company will at least consider a different location.

“They want to put a 60 acre site here, but there’s 500 to 600 acres behind us. We are asking that perhaps we could compromise and ask that the station be placed further south,” he said.

And the company may do that. Port Arthur Pipeline Vice President Jim Diemers says they are working to design a safe and secure project and after meeting with residents are evaluating other design and location options to address their concerns.

“Sempra LNG is working with its neighbors to continue to design a project that is not only safe and secure, but that is consistent with existing infrastructure in the area, which includes our existing Ragley Compressor Station. On December 9, the company hosted a community open house event in the area where we received feedback from many of these residents, and based on that input, we are evaluating other design and location options. We’ve also made a commitment to these residents that when we complete this evaluation, that we will provide them with an update,” said Diemer.

The time for public comments ends January 10 at 4 p.m. central time.

A neighborhood meeting is being held concerning the Lake Arthur Pipeline Compressor Station. It’s at 2 p.m., Sunday, January 5 at 1066 Felice Cutoff Road at Ken Parks’ home. Concerns to be discussed include safety, noise,property values, home insurance, traffic, light issues and construction noise. Parks asks that anyone attending please rsvp to 337-794-4514.

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