Yellow Cab of Lake Charles giving 1,000 free taxi rides this NYE

Yellow Cab of Lake Charles giving 1,000 free taxi rides this NYE

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Before you pop champagne to ring in the New Year, will you have an arranged designated driver?

“If we keep that one drunk driver off the road, that would’ve ran into you, your mama, your child, that’s enough and I’m willing to pay for that," Ron Richard, of Richard Law Firm, said.

Which is why this is the fourth year Richard Law Firm and Yellow Cab of Lake Charles have teamed up to keep drunk drivers off the road on New Year’s Eve — by giving 1,000 free taxi rides to those who are unable to drive.

“Anywhere within city limits we’ll bring you home for free, free of charge, no charge, none whatsoever. No charge. If you live in Westlake, Sulphur, Vinton — it will be a discounted rate. A significantly discounted rate," Jordan Page, owner of Yellow Cab, said.

Page said being able to do this for the community means a lot to him.

“You just hear a bunch of horror stories. Once you hear enough of those horror stories driving a cab, you just want to try to make a difference, make an impact," Page said.

State Police said they’ll be out on the roads looking for those who choose to drink and drive. Trooper Derek Senegal is echoing their sentiments: do not drink and drive.

“Get a designated driver, it’s easy. Lyft, we have Uber, taxi cab, we have friends. Call somebody. It doesn’t take long to call someone. Or, if you’re at a party and you know that someone has been drinking, take their keys. You don’t want this holiday to be their last holiday," Senegal said.

If you need a ride New Year’s Eve night, you can call 337-433-8282.

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