KPLC’s New Years Resolution’s

KPLC's New Year's resolution

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - The New Year is here and with it, resolutions. We asked around KPLC to find out what some have chosen as their New Year’s resolutions and what tips they have for sticking to them.

Drew Marine:

For 2019, Drew wanted to drink less soda, but she didn’t stick to it, because, like most of us, she has a soda addiction. Drinking less soda is still on her mind as she enters 2020, but, “my main resolution for 2020 is to read more books,” Drew says. Her tips for resolutions are to set aside time every day for it. “I think that will be a good way to keep myself in check.”

Gabe McDonald:

In 2019, Gabe wanted, “to really grow in my career. I wanted to grow as a journalist. I was only a few months in and was still trying to get my feet wet.” He says he feels he has done that. In 2020, he wants to keep that up and continue to grow as a person. “I want to be a healthier version of myself, not just physically, but also financially and mentally,” says Gabe. “I really want to overall better myself in all different aspects of life.” His tips for keeping a New Year’s Resolution are to plan everything out and stick to a routine.

Ben Terry:

Ben kept up with his 2019 resolution. He wanted to get into better physical shape and was determined 2019 wouldn’t be like past years. He got into group fitness classes and even got a personal trainer. He says it’s been going well. For 2020, he wants to keep it up! “I focused 2019 on physical health,” Ben said, “this year I’ll also try to improve on the mental side.” The tips he gave are to have a friend or someone you’re working directly with. He thinks that is the key to sticking with it.

Robin Richardson:

Robin, in 2019, wanted to exercise more and eat healthy because when she first moved to Louisiana she ate so badly. 2019 was about getting back on track and she feels she did it. For 2020, she chose several resolutions: Stay strong in her faith, keep a budget, and continuing to stay fit and eat healthy. “I would say it is okay to mess up,” Robin says when it comes to resolutions. “And if you mess up, just keep going, it’s only a minor setback.”

Jacob Durham:

This year Jacob wanted to be more outgoing, to be a better person by including people more, and to “see the world a little bit more.” In 2020, he wants to get more in shape. The tips Jacob gave were to eat healthier, motivate yourself, and stay positive.

Cinnamon Cornell:

Cinnamon only wanted her opinion of herself to be her guide in 2019. “There are so many people in your life that will have an opinion about you… I really just wanted to focus on myself and what I feel.” For 2020, she wants to travel and explore SWLA and the state of Louisiana, she wants to take advantage of her time here. If you have any recommendations, she wants to hear them! For following her 2019 resolution she prayed a lot, took the time to figure out what she thought about herself, and learned to love herself.

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