Authorities investigating holiday brawl at Prien Lake Mall

Prien Lake Mall Fight

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -A fight at the Prien Lake Mall captured on video made its rounds on social media and it had a lot of viewers concerned.

Dozens of holiday shoppers can be seen witnessing the brawl that broke out inside the Prien Lake Mall on Friday. Video of the incident was shared on social media and quickly sparked concerns about how situations like it are addressed.

“Once some objects get thrown in there and the possibility of people standing around... because it’s going to grab attention. People are going to stop to see what’s going on,” said shopper Ryan Miller.

At one point towards the end of the video, security attempts to separate the individuals involved, after one of the men attempted to throw a step ladder at another party.

Shoppers like Vivian Deana who witnessed the fight feel like ,in the moment, more should have been done.

“To me, and the people I’ve talked to, they feel that security didn’t really do the job like they were supposed to," said Deana. "They just let them fight like it’s alright to do that in public.”

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office who is now looking into the fight says at the time mall security acted within their jurisdiction.

“It was a disturbance that happened at the mall between two groups of people. They were all adults..there were no juveniles from what I understand," said Special Services Commander Matt Vezinot. "When we got there the situation was over. The parties had separated and the mall security had taken care of it.”

Commander Vezinot said with the holidays being a busy time for shoppers. whether that be at the mall or any retail is always their main concern. As for the nature of this situation, he says charges are possible.

“Those two parties, I don’t think wanted to pursue charges," Vezinot said. "Because it was disturbing the peace, I think we’re going to write it up as such and send it to the DA so that they can make a decision.”

At this time, no arrests have been made and no injuries were reported.

7News did reach out to Simon Malls who said they couldn’t comment on their security procedures during that situation, but they did say making sure their properties are a safe place, especially during the holiday season is a top priority.

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