Jennings preparing for first Prep Classic appearance in 27 years

Jennings preparing for first Prep Classic appearance in 27 years

NEW ORLEANS, La. (KPLC) - The Jennings Bulldogs run to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome is nothing short of remarkable. The J-Dogs upset four straight top ten teams including three straight one-point wins.

With a run as rare as this, Jennings has been called Cinderella, even a team of destiny.

“I don’t know about that destiny stuff or Cinderella story. She had a pretty good night though if you remember," said Jennings head coach Rusty Phelps. "It wasn’t too bad.”

The Dogs hit the road to New Orleans Thursday morning with their eyes set on fitting that glass slipper. Jennings players understand how important the right mindset is for a state championship game, especially as an underdog.

“We love the doubt and we love proving people wrong," Jennings linebacker Jacob Cooper said. "Knowing that we could do that every week is a great feeling.”

“I prepare myself and I think of it as another game even though I know it’s not another game,” Jennings receiver Trey Williams said. “That’s just the mindset you have to have it you have to have confidence in each other.”

The 23-seeded Bulldogs and No. 1 St. James are set to meet Friday night at 7 p.m. as both teams will get the chance to practice on the Superdome turf Thursday afternoon. It's an opportunity to take in the atmosphere and get a clear state of mind.

“We’re playing a team that has a lot of tradition also and they have been to the Superdome several times,” Phelps said of St. James. "Will there be some nerves? Absolutely. I’ll tell you, I’ll be the first one. I feel like hopefully we can get settled down pretty quick. We are just going to have to go out and play I guess they call it, the perfect game.”

An unlikely match up, Jennings was 5-5 and had to battle through the playoffs to reach this stage while the Wildcats rolled to an undefeated 14-0 season. It’s a classic David and Goliath match up.

“Cinderella and David, they can compare us to whatever the team of destiny or Cinderella, it doesn’t matter," said Phelps. "I just know the Jennings Bulldogs are going to the Superdome on Friday night.”

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