Sports Person of the Week - Ty Fuselier

Sports Person of the Week - Ty Fuselier

KINDER, La. (KPLC) - “We still had it in the back of our minds last year getting knocked out in the second round so they had a chip on their shoulder this week," Head coach Bret Fuselier said. "They wanted to make it to this week and still practice. Credit to them, they all played a heck of a game.”

Kinder is heading back to the Quarterfinals for the seventh time in the past nine years after their win over Red River last Friday.

“I tell them every year that there’s a different story to write," said Bret Fuselier. "What we did in the past, stays in the past. We’re always looking through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror.”

During the Jackets' current playoff run, running back Ty Fuselier has put together 225 yards and four scores. Since returning from injury, he’s been integral to their success.

“He’s a high-strung guy," said Bret Fuselier. "When it comes to football you know everything he does. He’s full speed one hundred percent. It shows in the way he plays. Our kids feed off that.”

“I think my energy and my leadership," Kinder running back Ty Fuselier said. "If you show the younger guys that you’re going to win and you feel like you’re going to play great, then they’ll feel the same way.”

Confidence is something the Jackets will need this week as they travel to top-seeded Ferriday. Kinder is hoping to get back to the semifinals for the first time in four years, and the logic to be able to do that is simple.

“Don’t listen to the outside noise. We’re number right and they are number one, but I don’t care about the rankings," said Ty Fuselier. I care about what we are doing out here in practice. I feel like we’ve been doing a great job out here and staying focused. Whoever wins this game is going to win it all. Hopefully, that’ll be us.”

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