Couple who struggled with infertility gets unexpected blessing

Couple who struggled with infertility get an unexpected second blessing

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -It's a Thanksgiving to remember for a local couple who struggled with infertility for years. This year they are grateful for blessings beyond what they imagined.

Bella Grace is a busy three year old, filling her adoring parents lives with joy and laughter.

But for years Kara and Scott Ortego struggled with infertility and not knowing if they would ever become parents.

"Every month you have that hope that it's going to happen that month and then you're devastated. You go through all of those emotions of grief and anger,” said Kara.

“It was a roller coaster for her and me as well, just watching her each month go through that pain and break down in tears,” said Scott.

The Ortegos were steadfast in prayer and faith that God had a plan.

“Even if you don’t have the same religion or faith as us, just believe that there is a plan for you. Something great will come if you just believe. Keep having that hope,” said Scott.

When after several years, Kara became pregnant, the couple was overjoyed. But Bella was born prematurely and in newborn intensive care for weeks before she could come home.

"She was two pounds two ounces and she was in the NIC (neonatal intensive care) unit for about six weeks,” said Kara.

But that was three years ago. The busy little girl is the love of their lives, "their everything" as Scott puts it.

"People always tell you, you don't realize how much you're going to love a kid until you have one and it sure is the truth," said Scott.

They decided to write a book about the journey for Bella.

“We wrote the book and that way Bella would have something special when she grew up to know how much we wanted her, how much she was loved and how she was our miracle baby,” said Kara.

But the book is also for other couples who struggle with infertility.

“We named our book Relentless Hope because we truly had relentless hope. We weren’t going to give up,” said Scott.

The book was published in June and then, lo and behold, in August, a huge surprise.

“God has blessed us with another one, so we are pregnant with our second baby,” said Kara.

Kara is due with her second child in May when Bella will be promoted to big sister.

Bella Grace has been chosen as next year’s champion for the Children’s Miracle Network at the SWLA Christus Ochsner Foundation.

Relentless Hope is available through the Ortego’s Facebook page and at Accessory Zone, Pink and Blue Avenue and Tres Jolie Boutique.

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