Washington-Marion students create powerful cyberbullying PSA

VIDEO: Washington-Marion students create powerful cyberbulling PSA

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Cyberbullying continues to be a problem; new data shows cyberbullying is growing, especially for middle and high school students.

One survey shows 60% of young people have witnessed online bullying, but most don’t intervene.

Some students at Washington-Marion Magnet High School are hoping to combat it with a powerful PSA. They say it started with a contest during Digital Citizenship Week, held by the Calcasieu Parish School Board Tech Department.

“They had sent us the email about joining the competition," Laniya Morrie, a 10th grader, said. "It was about digital citizenship. We decided to pick cyberbullying because it is very important and it goes on now and days because of our generation, our phones, social media. we felt it would touch other people.”

The video did have an impact with over 12,000 people seeing the video and over 200 people sharing it.

The students say it took them about a week to put it together, and some of it was shot on a cell phone..the same device people use to cyberbully others every day.

“Certain parts to us were like I can’t believe we can actually make something like this,” Chazlynn Williams, a 10th grader, said. “It was just very serious and very real and knowing that we made it and watching the finished product was like this is actually happening now and says, this is something that people actually go through.”

“Some of the scenes were kind of real because they were laughing at me and I have experienced stuff like that when I was older, so it was very realistic," Janaya Woodard, a 10th grader, said.

The students want everyone to learn something from their video: that your words and actions can have very negative effects on other people.

“The lesson we created from it is you shouldn’t do it, it’s wrong, and these are the things that you could do to the people that have been bullied," Reginald Jones, a 10th grader, said.

The students created the video in their TV Productions class. The class was brought back to Washington-Marion after ten years. The students won first place in the contest, winning 6 laptops for their school.

“Knowing we are making a difference brings pride back to our school,” Kayla Duncan said. “After we won first place we were just amazed at what we could do.”

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