Annual “Sax in the City” concert raises money for MusicMakers2U

Annual “Sax in the City” concert raises money for MusicMakers2U


Someone took a chance on the now, Grammy-nominated musician and local teacher, Mickey Smith Jr.

“So I started playing music in middle school, and you’re looking at someone who did not have his own instrument but someone invested in me,” said Smith Jr.

Its the reason why Smith Jr.'s annual “Sax in the City” concert gives 100 percent of its proceeds to the organization, MusicMakers2U that provides instruments to deserving students across Southwest Louisiana.

The instruments are donations from the members of the community, and the students are decided by band programs and teachers.

One student was given her own instrument at the concert. Her band teacher and now assistant band director, Timothy Gambill, has witnessed her music journey since middle school.

“We don’t always have the school instruments to loan out," Gambill said. "We’ve loaned them out to her and other students, and we only have so many of those, so to have her own personal instrument is going to mean so much.”

Smith Jr. is a co-founder of the organization.

“When we first started, we figured maybe a couple of kids would benefit,” Smith Jr. said. “We’re now approaching 500 young people, 500 families, in Southwest Louisiana have been directly benefited by the generosity of the public and by the efforts by MusicMakers2U.”

Students that don’t go on to play music, or at some point stop playing, donate their instruments back into the organization so that the instrument can go to another student. For more information on how to donate instruments (any condition is accepted), or how to donate to the organization, click here.

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