American Solidarity Party seeks those frustrated with mainstream parties

Updated: Oct. 18, 2019 at 6:22 PM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -This time next year Americans will be getting ready to vote for president.

Many will describe their vote as choosing between the "lesser of two evils." That is, some say they "hold their nose" to vote for president because they don’t fully support either mainstream party platform.

The American Solidarity Party is somewhat unknown, but seems to be gaining traction with more and more voters. Members say they combine the best of both.

Party member Thad Crouch calls himself a “life, justice and peace activist.” He says they’re in favor of everything that increases human dignity and against all that’s dehumanizing.

“I felt like a political orphan for decades because I couldn’t find a party that matched what I want. And when I found out about the American Solidarity Party, I was thrilled to find a party that is both pro-life on abortion and the death penalty and works for peace and climate change. And I finally felt at home,” said Crouch.

Brian Carroll from California is the party’s 2020 presidential nominee. He admits he likely won’t be the next president, but says the party is growing and will be on more state ballots than ever.

"There's a serious reshuffling of the political landscape. Both political parties have people jumping ship and going independent. And we believe that we don't have a lot of new ideas. We have new combinations of ideas. And we feel that we will be attractive to many leaving each of the other parties," he said.

Carroll and Crouch are attending the “Rehumanize Conference” in New Orleans where they will find many people with similar views.

Crouch says a former abortion clinic worker, a veteran for peace and a former executioner will speak on the same panel against violence.

"That conference and this party, where else are you going to find all three of those people together. We are truly about protecting the dignity of human life: not just the unborn but people who are poor, of women who are in crisis, of people that we think are our enemies and people who are refugees, fleeing from violence but who desperately need help."” said Crouch.

He explains their philosophy is concern for, “Life and dignity for each human being, on any side of any woman’s cervix, on any side of any race or gender lines, on any side of any income brackets, on any side of any prison wall, on any side of the railroad tracks, and on any side of any border -- when it comes to immigrants, refugees, war, and violence--because each and every human being has human dignity.”

“May our hearts accept the challenges of love as readily as the comforts,” says Crouch.

The party is expected to be on the ballot in ten to twelve states and a registered write-in candidate in most others.

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