Lewis remains winner of police jury seat following recount

Calcasieu Police Jury District 3 Recount

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Eddie Earl Lewis Jr. remains the winner of Saturday’s election following a recount in a close race for the Calcasieu Police Jury District 3 seat.

Lewis unseated Police Jury president Shelly Mayo by 31 votes Saturday - 1,339 votes to 1,308 votes.

Mayo requested a recount, which was conducted Thursday morning at the Calcasieu courthouse.

The recount tallied any ballot that was filled out by an individual voter, including mail-in ballots, military ballots and faxed-in ballots.

The recount resulted in three fewer votes for Mayo and two fewer votes for Lewis. Calcasieu Clerk of Court Lynn Jones said the discrepancy is from a simple human error.

“I think that you know that’s why we have this system," he said. "There are checks and balances all the way along from before the election starts, to sealing the machines, to election day, and all the way through to the election process, [...]that’s why we have that.”

The end result remains the same with Lewis winning Calcasieu District 3.

“I was kind of a little nervous, but I still had faith that I [did] a good job," Lewis said. “I just want my district to know that I thank them for voting for me and [...] I will try to get everything that District 3 needs and deserves.”

Mayo said she appreciated the opportunity to go through the recount process.

“While the process was tedious, it brought me closure,” Mayo told KPLC.

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