Preserving the Sabine Pass Lighthouse

VIDEO: Preserving the Sabine Pass Lighthouse

CAMERON PARISH, La. (KPLC) - The Sabine Pass Lighthouse has stood since 1856, but it’s been over 60 years since light has shone from its beacon.

The Cameron Preservation Alliance is hoping to change that.

“When you see these other structures build across the country that people are taking care of, it just makes you wonder what happened to ours," Andy Tingler, President of the Cameron Preservation Alliance said. "But that is the goal: restoring the structure and allowing people to go up to the top, see the panoramic view of the salt marsh and the surrounding channels.”

The lighthouse is one of the oldest structures in Southwest Louisiana and Tingler says to keep its history alive, repairs are desperately needed.

“When you look up you can see a crack that appeared after a hurricane in 1886,” Tingler said. “It’s gradually been getting wider since then. They are about an inch and a half wide at the top. We want to put a tension cable at the top and one a little farther down to keep the crack from getting any wider. We are going to go in and put in some historic mortar that was originally used on the lighthouse. It’s not something you would typically see today. We are going to put a temporary roof on, close the windows, and assess anything else that needs to be done to the lighthouse since obviously nothing has been done for decades. We know there are a lot of things we are going to have to address.”

He says he wants to see it become a tourist attraction, but it’s going to take some work.

“We’re actually going to build a walkway to the lighthouse," Tingler said. "This is to get across the bayou here that’s about 75 feet wide so our company that’s coming here next month can actually work on stabilizing and mothballing the tower.”

On Monday, ten Cheniere Energy workers devoted their day to help build a makeshift bridge to get to the lighthouse.

“So today we have a group of employees that are utilizing one of our community programs," Amy Miller, Supervisor, Local Government & Community Affairs at Cheniere Energy, Inc. said. “Each employee gets one workday to choose an organization of their choice and it’s just another way for us to give back to the community. It’s extremely exciting. Geographically, the lighthouse is in our backyard. You know we have vessels enter our facility from all over the world and so I think, as a company, we see the lighthouse as a figurative welcoming to our customers.”

One of the ways the Cameron Preservation Alliance is raising money to help restore the Sabine Pass Lighthouse is a ‘Lighthouse Run’ at Holly Beach Saturday, October 19.

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