2019 ELECTION RESULTS: Which amendments passed, failed in Louisiana’s primary election

2019 ELECTION RESULTS: Which amendments passed, failed in Louisiana’s primary election
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(WAFB) - Four amendments were placed on the ballot for a primary election held in Louisiana Saturday, Oct. 12. Read below to see which amendments passed and how they are expected to impact the state:


Louisiana voters have not approved of an amendment exempting raw materials and other items shipped into federal waters from property taxes. An example is equipment used for offshore drilling. Voters were asked to consider how supporting tax breaks for these items would impact the revenue gained from shipping equipment and goods necessary for production, especially for offshore drilling.


Louisiana voters approved funding for Louisiana Educational Television Authority, Thrive Academy, University Laboratory School, and Southern University Laboratory School. Louisiana Educational Television Authority is a public television entity that produces educational and culturally relevant programming through Louisiana Public Broadcasting. Southern Lab and University Lab are both operated by Baton Rouge-based public universities. The funding referenced in this amendment comes from the Education Excellence Fund and larger Millennial Fund which also provides money to the Taylor Opportunity Program (TOPS). The fund was set up years ago using money collected from settlements related to lawsuits with tobacco companies.


Louisiana voters approved of an amendment which gives an executive branch department, Louisiana’s Board of Tax Appeals, powers akin to those reserved for the judicial branch to independently make decisions on the constitutionality of taxes and tax-related fees. The amendment was conceptualized as a way to increase speed and efficiency for appeals made to the board.


Louisiana voters have not approved an amendment that provides tax exemptions for residential developments that provide affordable housing, excluding properties that operate more than 15 units and short-term rental properties such as Airbnbs.

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