Law enforcement prepares for President Trump’s visit to Lake Charles Friday

Local law enforcement prepares for President Trump’s visit Friday

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - President Donald Trump is coming back to the Lake Area Friday to host a rally, so, local law enforcement agencies are preparing their security measures now.

President Trump’s visit Friday will be his third as the President of the United States, which means this isn’t local authorities’ first rodeo.

“This is something we’re used to doing, we’ve done it for past presidents, past vice presidents that come to town. We’ve had some presidents of other countries that have come to do site visits at our industries so it’s something we’re pretty used to and accustomed to. They kind of caught us on short notice, so we’re scrambling trying to get all the preparations done but there’s a lot to it, there really is," Mancuso said.

Mancuso said with events like these, it’s all hands on deck.

“State police, Lake Charles police, city marshal, ourselves. Then the federal partners who will be involved. They all met and started going over logistics and the route and the site preparation. It takes a lot of work, obviously we want to keep our president safe," Mancuso said.

Unlike Trump’s last visit — Mancuso said there won’t be any obvious traffic delays for his motorcade.

“I don’t suspect any closures will be for a long period of time where people will really have to do a lot of rerouting," he said.

While this isn’t local law enforcement’s first presidential visit — Mancuso said they’re always looking to improve with every big event that comes to the Lake Area.

“Communication is always the ultimate goal of making sure everyone’s on the same page. That’s what we’re going to do — make sure we communicate every little detail, try to not forget any details. Make sure we have a good route and a good secondary route and just have a plan. A basic plan of what we’re going to do and how we’re going to operate," Mancuso said.

You can get tickets for the Lake Charles Rally at the Civic Center at President Donald Trump’s website.

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