Sulphur High P7 club starts prayer locker

students holding hands for the prayer locker
students holding hands for the prayer locker(prayer locker)
Published: Oct. 7, 2019 at 11:28 AM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Children experience many things we may never know about because they choose to keep things to themselves, that is why having an outlet for them to ask for help is important.

“Whenever I have bad morning or whatever is going on at home, you can get to school they will be there for you,” P7 member Izzy Buxton said.

Serve others, it’s just one of the core values of Prayer 7 or P7, a Sulphur High School club run completely by the students. Co-founder Fayth Hickingbottom says she wanted a place where students could be themselves while embracing the Word of God.

“It makes me happy that people are interested and just helping and loving each other and not fighting against each other,” Hickingbottom said.

Recently, P7 has found a new way to reach out and help people who may be struggling.

“Anybody in the school, even a faculty member, its totally anonymous, they write their prayer request on a piece of paper,” Hickingbottom said.

The requests are placed in a locker, and every Thrusday the requests are removed.

“We will put them in a pile face down and we will all gather around hands joined and say a prayer,” Hickingbottom said.

Only the co-presidents have access to the request, Emily Hazelwood calls it a humbling experience.

“For me, its kind of an honor to be trusted with someone’s, the things that they feel and we would never share any information,” Hazelwood said.

However, a prayer locker is not P7′s only outreach project, they are participating in the kindness rock program.

“You paint just a kind quote or even a scripture,” Hickingbottom said.

P7 members are always hoping that when someone finds a rock, they know they are loved and supported.

“It’s just something that we will pray for and send it to God and God will do what God does,” Hazelwood said.

The hope for current and future projects.

"I hope that people see that they are not alone, that their peers care for them and that they want to make sure they are okay,” Hickingbottom said.

Those outside the Suphur community can still find inspiration and send in prayer request through the P7′s Instagram page at Sulphurhighp7.

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