Hometown Hero - Eddie Mormon

Hometown Hero - Eddie Mormon
Sample of Eddie's art (Source: Eddie Mormon)

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - He makes it look easy. But don't let him fool you. Even though he began painting when he was five, Eddie Mormon didn't "come of age" so to speak, until he got the chance to visit Europe.

"I'm an impressionist artist," said Mormon. "When I went to Paris, France, I saw Van Gogh, Renoir, Degass. They're impressionists. That's when I saw myself as a true artist."

Mormon says it's there he honed his talents.

"I stayed in Paris for a whole month. I went to the Louvre, I saw the works of the masters. Looking at something in a book is not like looking at something real. You see a different dimension when you see the real McCoy.

Eddie says forget the brush, he likes the look that a pallette knife gives.

“A pallet knife gives an impressionist look. The brush doesn’t have the effect of a couteau, in french. A knife is clean. A brush is muddy.”

Whipping out a quick piece of art is something that comes natural to him.

“It’s just like cooking and it’s just like dancing. It comes from your soul.”

Thanks to his generosity, Eddie’s artwork has been donated to many charity auctions in Southwest Louisiana. Mormon has a new book, “The Eye of the Artist,” which contains copies of some of his works. For more information, call 337-430-0766.

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