Fla. teen survives anchor getting lodged in his head

Fla. teen survives anchor getting lodged in his head
Caleb Bennett's recovery is a miracle after a freak accident left an anchor lodged in his head. (Source: Kelli Bennett/Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital)

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (CNN) - Doctors say it's a miracle that 14-year-old Caleb Bennett made a full recovery after a freak accident.

Six months ago, he was fishing with brother and some friends when an anchor fell from the boat and swung into Caleb’s head when its line pulled too tight.

Caleb didn’t think he’d live.

He held the anchor with one hand and asked a friend to call 911. Then he said, “I’m probably going to die.”

Just five days after the accident, Caleb could walk again.

Now, six months later, the only residual effect of the accident are minor seizures, which Caleb controls with medication.

His neurosurgeon calls that recovery “one in a million.”

And even though the ordeal was certainly scary for Caleb, it hasn’t kept him off the water. He still goes fishing.

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