Brees in ‘excellent’ hands with Los Angeles specialist, local expert says

Drew Brees suffers a thumb injury on his throwing hand during a week two loss against the Rams
Drew Brees suffers a thumb injury on his throwing hand during a week two loss against the Rams(Edwin Goode, FOX 8)
Updated: Sep. 17, 2019 at 8:10 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The doctor tasked with operating on Drew Brees’ million-dollar hand will be Dr. Steve Shin in Los Angeles, who specializes in hands and wrists.

Dr. Eric George of the Hand Center of Louisiana knows Shin in a professional capacity, and said there’s no one better to be Brees’ surgeon.

Shin is already the hand consultant for some major teams in California including the Dodgers, Rams, Kings, the LA Angels of Anaheim, Southern Cal and Loyola Maramount University.

Of course, Shin is the only one who truly knows what’s going on with Brees’ hand, but the belief is that he’s suffering from an ulnar collateral ligament injury. George said Shin was one of those who helped develop the newer technology used in these surgeries to get patients back to full range of motion in a shorter period of time.

But, George said as qualified as Shin is, it’s still possible there could be an unforeseen issue.

“Any of us that have done surgery you can find there’s something unique," George said. "He may have cartilage damage, we still haven’t seen an x-ray to make sure there’s no chip, fracture, sometimes there’s an evulsion fracture and that needs to be addressed as well. But assuming it’s just a straightforward collateral ligament, then this is right up Steve’s alley and he’s an excellent surgeon,” George said.

George anticipates that if all goes according to plan in the operating room, Shin should have Brees start using his injured hand as soon as a couple days after the surgery. Then, the hope is he’ll have full range of motion by four weeks, but won’t be in playing condition for another couple weeks.

“If he were to have a problem in surgery, or if there was a fracture or some other involved injury, then all that can change the game," George said. “As far as his recovery, the one thing you have going for you is Drew Brees is a superior athlete, with superior skills, and those people are so motivated. And, if anyone can recover quickly it’s those athletes.”

And for anyone who had questions if they should postpone the surgery, Geroge said absolutely not -- the quicker they get Brees in surgery the better, and George said he has full confidence in Shin.

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