TROPICAL UPDATE: Dorian poses a major threat to the Southeastern US over the long holiday weekend

No threat to Southwest Louisiana but major impacts to parts of the U.S. expected over the Labor Day weekend

TROPICAL UPDATE: Dorian poses a major threat to the Southeastern US over the long holiday weekend

Atlantic Ocean. (KPLC) - With the threat of a storm looming over any portion of the U.S, especially during a busy holiday weekend, the situation is becoming very concerning for interests along the eastern seaboard, specially the Florida Peninsula as of the 10:00 A.M. Wednesday advisory from the National Hurricane Center.

Dorian has become a strong tropical storm that is currently passing over the U.S. Virgin Islands and will make a pass over the eastern part of Puerto Rico before re-emerging into the Atlantic Ocean where it will have days to strengthen over the warm waters with no land interaction to inhibit development.

This is not the news we wanted, especially now that it will miss the larger island of Hispaniola that yesterday showed would possibly tear the storm apart altogether. The track shift more to the north will give the storm more time over water, with a ridge of high pressure building in later in the week to turn it toward Florida by the weekend as a major category three hurricane with winds in excess of 115 mph prior to landfall.

Don’t fixate on the exact landfall point as this is still up for scrutiny and will likely change, but impacts to the Gulf of Mexico are becoming less and less likely as of the latest forecast with an eventual turn to the north expected, likely impacting anywhere from Florida up to the Carolinas through early next week.

We should still be monitoring this storm closely though as we get closer to the weekend, although I am not worried about any changes to the track significant enough to produce any impacts to our weather locally other than bringing down drier air and less rain for much of next week.

Bottom line, this storm is something to watch as it will likely become our first major hurricane of the season and unfortunately strike the U.S. resulting in major impacts to Florida and possibly Georgia and the Carolinas if the track shifts any further north.

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