Saints LB Demario Davis set to face old team

Saints LB Demario Davis set to face old team
Saints linebacker Demario Davis

NEW YORK (WAFB) - Preseason football has been anything but compelling around most of the NFL, but maybe, Saturday night’s broadcast of the Saints and Jets will provide some excitement, with quarterback Drew Brees taking his first snaps of the exhibition schedule and linebacker Demario Davis facing the team that drafted him.

Few things motivate a player more than playing against a former team and as Saints head coach Sean Payton often says, “If you play in the NFL long enough, it happens quite a bit.”

It’s now Davis’ turn as New Orleans spends the weekend in the Big Apple. The Jets selected him in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Davis proceeded to play his first four years with the Jets and another season there in 2017.

The Saints grabbed him in free agency in 2018 with a three-year, $24 million deal and it’s been money well spent since he’s been in black and gold. He said his career, whether it’s been in New York, Cleveland, or New Orleans, has been sort of a blur.

“I think it’s kind of a little bit of both," said Davis. “At one point, it kind of feels like yesterday, like I just got drafted. The first round, it can feel like yesterday that I left to go to Cleveland, then came back and had a good year there. And then sometimes, it feels like a decade ago because so much has happened since then, like the journey we had last year. But I think that’s just part of the game. It goes by fast but at the same time, all the years add up.”

Saturday’s game will air on WAFB starting at 6:30 p.m.

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