Westlake road construction causes drivers to reroute

Westlake road construction causes drivers to reroute

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - For drivers like Roland Washington, being stopped mid-commute to find out you have to turn around has put a damper on his travel to work.

"I'm glad I left with enough time,” Washington said. “You know if I was running late, the reality of it is I'd be all screwed up and wouldn't know how to get where I'm going and might possibly miss starting the job."

He says the construction work on John Stine Road at the intersection of Myrtle Springs has become a big inconvenience to drivers trying to get through.

Mayor Bob Hardey of Westlake says this project has been in the works since 2008. It finally started in May of this year.

“Everybody know what it has done is stop all these five thousand temporary workers from cutting through every road in Westlake, it’s forced them to use the four lane out there,” Mayor Hardey said. “So the traffic in our neighborhood has been great. Most people on John Stine are glad that it’s closed.”

He says the major reason for the delay has been the weather.

“Out of the 60 days that they have worked, they’ve been rained out half of that,” Mayor Hardey said. “That’s the issue, everybody says they’re not working, well they can’t work because the ditches are full of water because we’re cutting drainage pipe in.”

Hardey says the Myrtle Springs intersection itself is set to open soon, but travel going east to west on John Stine will still not be complete for a while.

"Hopefully, from what I'm hearing, the road intersection will open up Friday or no later than Monday or Tuesday of next week," Mayor Hardey said.

Washington says he's just hoping this will all be worth it.

“The people that are being inconvenienced by it are wondering when is this going to be over with?” Washington said.

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