Keeping your thermostat too high can end up costing you money

Updated: Aug. 21, 2019 at 5:30 PM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Energy Star, a federally run program by the Department of Energy, released their thermostat recommendations to save money.

They says while you’re out, set it at 85, while you’re sleeping, 82, and while you’re home, 78 degrees.

“You might as well just go outside," said Rebecca Cryer, who lives in Lake Charles. “I keep mine during the day on 77, and then at night I bump it down to 73.”

Many people had the same reaction as Cryer when hearing those recommended temps.

“I sleep at 70, anything higher than that I’m getting up and adjusting,” said Terri Haws, who also lives in Lake Charles.

7News spoke with two Lake Area Air Conditioning companies about keeping your thermostat turned up that high. They both said instead of saving you money, those temperatures could actually end up costing you.

“Say you do put it on 78, but then you knock it down to 72, it’s gonna run for hours and hours, even sometimes through the night just to get it back there, just to knock it back up,” said Donald Moore with The A/C Guys.

Moore said you really can’t recommend just one temperature for every home in every climate.

He said location and individual houses have different needs.

“Some good temperatures are 74, 75, but the difference is, your house could be 72. My house is 72. But they’re going to feel different," Moore said. "I mean, is your house sealed, is the humidity levels outside, we have different humidities than some states, or even cities just further north than us.”

However, if your goal is saving money, you aren’t out of luck.

Clayton King with Facilities Maintenance Management said upgrading your unit to one that allows you to track your usage is a good way to cut down on your bill.

“I would suggest a more efficient unit. They have two stage units now, that are very efficient, or just get a WiFi thermostat.”

Another money saving tip is making sure your A/C unit is clean, and change the filters regularly.

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