First Alert Forecast: More scattered showers and storms in the afternoon this week

NOON FORECAST UPDATE: More scattered showers and storms in the afternoon this week

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - For the rest of our day, it will be rainy. There should be more scattered showers and storms around. I do not think it will be a washout, though. These showers should be small but could bring heavy rain for a brief time. There should also be plenty of lightning involved too. We already have some of this rain around us, particularly along the coast. Temperatures will be warm in the meantime and will warm up to the lower 90s. After the rain arrives, the temperature should cool down a little more.

This evening, the temperature should not be too much of an issue. The rain will be winding down. So, I would still keep an umbrella with you if you have any outdoor plans. After sunset, the rain should be gone. Since we will have plenty of rain through the afternoon, the temperature will be a little cooler in the evening. They should be around the mid 80s. It will be humid though!

Overnight, it will be warm and muggy. Temperatures will not cool down much overnight. Lows will be in the mid to upper 70s. The humidity will be up to nearly 100%. It will certainly be uncomfortable! There will be plenty of clouds around with not much rain. After midnight, the rain chances go back down to zero.

Wednesday will not be much different from Tuesday. There will be a 40% chance of rain with scattered showers and storms in the afternoon. The rain should not be widespread. I do not expect much sunshine during he day as the clouds will be persistent. Temperatures will warm up to the lower 90s in the afternoon.

On Thursday, expect more of the same. Temperatures will be warming up to the lower 90s. There will be a lot of humidity around, so the heat index will be up to the triple digits. This is before we see more rain of course. The rain chances are once again up to 40%. Therefore, there will be a good scattering of showers and storms in the afternoon. Keep an umbrella nearby in case you get caught under any of these showers.

Friday will likely be a little different in a sense. There will still be rain and storms, along with a 40% chance of rain. The difference will be how we get the rain. Normally, we would see the rain from daytime heating. This time, it may be from a surge of tropical moisture. This will only bring more rain, but no organized activity. The rain chances could go up more, but only if these trends stay consistent with the amount of rain.

Over this upcoming weekend, there is a good chance to see that extra surge of tropical moisture. Again, it should not be anything organized. However, there is some disagreement about if we will have that surge or not. So, there is a chance we don’t have as much rain. As of now, I have a 60% chance of rain. But this could go down as we get closer. Therefore, I would not cancel any plans. Temperatures will warm up to the upper 80s and lower 90s.

In the tropics, there is no activity. There is no chance of development within the next 2-5 days. Most of this is because of the Saharan dust moving off the coast of Africa. That is preventing any storms from developing. Now that we are in the beginning of August, the tropics are expected to become more active. As long as the Saharan dust sticks around, the tropics will remain at least somewhat quiet.

Meteorologist Grant Roberts

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