First Alert Forecast: Afternoon shower and storm chances continue daily

KPLC First Alert Forecast Nightcast: Sunday, August 18, 2019

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - This evening showers and storms continue to move across the area. This is in addition to pop up showers and storms continuing to develop. That rain chance begins to diminish after sunset and come to an end overnight. Rain remains hit or miss through the afternoon and for those not getting a cooling rain it remains hot! The heat index is between 100-108 degrees this afternoon. Use caution when working outside as the heat continues overnight. Humidity sticks around and it’ll be difficult to cool off overnight with lows falling into the upper 70s.

Monday we’ll start off with warm and humid conditions. We’ll see showers and storms during mid morning hours along coastal areas that move in land during the afternoon. We’ll also see additional showers and storms popping up thanks to daytime heating. Rain will continue to be hit or miss during the afternoon. Those of us who do not get a cooling shower will continue to see heat soar. Air temperatures top out in the low 90s, but we’ll feel like the triple digits through the majority of the afternoon. Use caution when spending time outside! Stay hydrated and take frequent breaks. As storms will pop up quickly and could develop into thunderstorms remember, ‘When thunder roars, head indoors!' Shower and storm activity diminish just after that sunset period. It’ll continue to be humid and warm into the evening hours as temperatures fall into the 70s overnight.

Expect much of the same as we’ve experienced over the last several days as our forecast for Tuesday. Warm and humid to start the day with showers and storms developing during the afternoon. Rain remains hit or miss so once again those of us who don’t get rain at the exact right time will remain hot through the majority of the day. The heat index will be between 100-105. Use caution in the heat and keep the KPLC Weather App handy to track pop showers and storms during the afternoon.

This will be the same story as we head into the weekend. We could see an increase in cloud cover and rain as we head into the weekend. Right now models have not been consistent with where the heaviest of the rain will fall, but shows and overall increase in rain across the gulf coast into the weekend. Continue to watch the forecast into next weekend as we could see quite a bit of rain if the this moisture surge moves through SWLA.

Out in the tropics the National Hurricane center isn’t watching anything that would impact our area. They are watching an area off the coast of the Carolina’s that could develop in the next 2 to 5 days. This doesn’t pose a threat to the Gulf coast, but could mean increased rain for the East coast before this area begins to move off shore in the next coupe of days.

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