First Alert Forecast: Daily chances of afternoon thunderstorms continues

KPLC First Alert Forecast Nightcast: Saturday, August 17, 2019

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Through the rest of the afternoon expect hit or miss showers and storms to continue. Storms are moving from southwest to northeast so keep checking the radar as storms continue to move inland from the Gulf. This will give us a good chance at a cool down through this afternoon, but without the rain its going to feel like the triple digits. This also depends on when storms move through your area. DeRidder saw a storm move through already and got a brief cool down, but now with added moisture in the air when the sun comes back out it’ll start to heat up once again. If you have any evening plans, be sure to check the radar, but indoor plans would be the best option especially with this heat! Overnight, we’ll slowly cool down into the upper 70s!

Sunday we start the day warm and humid before our gradual warm up through the afternoon. We’ll reach the low 90s through the afternoon, but will feel like the triple digits thanks to the humidity. Be sure to stay hydrated if spending any amount of time outside, but also keep checking that radar as we do have that chance for afternoon showers or storms. These are going to be hit or miss once again, but bring the hope of quick cool down during the afternoon hours. Overnight, we’ll see much of the same as we have for the last several nights with no true cool down as temperatures only fall into the upper 70s with humidity lingering.

Monday we’re going to do this whole thing over again. We’ll start warm and humid before a gradual warm up through the afternoon. Another not so great hair day with oppressive dewpoints. This is also going to indicate a heat index in the triple digits! Use caution working or playing outside - stay hydrated! Once again we have that chance for an afternoon shower or storm. These are going to be hit or miss through the afternoon so be sure to check the radar. With football season starting back up this means outdoor practices -- don’t forget the general rule of ‘If thunder roars, head indoors’. Showers and storms begin to wind down right after sunset and we’ll see temperatures fall into the mid 70s overnight.

Tuesday expect much of the same as we’ve seen the last few days. With a warm and humid start to the day before becoming hot and humid during the afternoon hours. We still have that chance for a hit or miss shower or storm during the afternoon hours. That chance gradually diminishes after sunset. That’s when we see temperatures start to fall into the mid 70s overnight. This same pattern continues through the rest of this week and into the following weekend. We could see rain chances starting to spike into the weekend with a surge of Gulf moisture moving into the area, but the exact location of that increased moisture isn’t a definite yet. Continue to check the forecast as we get closer to next weekend.

Out in the Gulf, the National Hurricane Center is monitoring an area for development on the east coast. This poses no threat to us and limited to threat to the east coast as development chances are low and it is forecast to move away from land. Other than that there is nothing else to monitor at this time.

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