Super Bowl contenders the Saints and Chargers meet up for dual practices

Super Bowl contenders the Saints and Chargers meet up for dual practices
Drew Brees should see some playing time Sunday against the Chargers.

COSTA MESA, CA. (WVUE) - They’re two contending teams with mutual respect. When the Saints and Chargers met on the field today, a quality professionals practice ensued.

“The work we get here is outstanding, whether it is starting with the individual one-on-one routes into the team periods,” said Sean Payton.

It went as a Saints-Chargers game might go. Both teams made big plays, and both teams made big stops.

In the end it was hard to say who had the upper hand.

“I think it was good. I think there were some plays made on both sides of the ball for both teams. You never never really know until you get in and look at the tape but it felt good to be out here flying around, felt like the energy was great, good competition on both sides, it was just a great practice," said linebacker DeMario Davis.

These joint practices are even more beneficial for Drew Brees. Mainly because he plays a lot. Something he doesn’t normally do in the preseason.

He also likes the idea of having to adjust on the fly against a well-respected defense like the Chargers.

“I think it has been really beneficial for us and for them. You get a different look, obviously a different scheme offensively and defensively so you come out here and haven’t really had a chance to prepare for them much so you just kind of throw yourself into the mix so you have to. it causes you to have to think and adjust to what you see and I think it’s just good work for everybody,” said Drew Brees.

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