Deuce McAllister evaluates Teddy Bridgewater and Dan Arnold’s preseason performances

Deuce McAllister evaluates Teddy Bridgewater and Dan Arnold’s preseason performances
Source: Mark Lagrange

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Much of the Saints’ preseason is about giving the backups a chance to be thrust into starting roles and therefore, starters’ situations. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and tight end Dan Arnold are prime examples of this setup as they are firmly supplanted behind Drew Brees and Jared Cook, respectively.

Bridgewater started the Saints’ exhibition opener against the Vikings and is likely to continue to see significant playing time early in the remaining three games. “I think the more that he can go out and play, the better he is going to be," Deuce McAllister said on the Black & Gold Review Show. "I think the biggest fuss is him holding the ball and I think some of that comes with maybe the routes the Saints are running. Are those the best routes for him and his talent? The other part of it is understanding and getting those reps because it’s still three quarterbacks in camp so he’s not getting those reps because he’s not getting every rep like he would as a starter but it’s still a good starting point for him.”

Arnold broke into the Saints’ gameday roster in 2018, logging 10 regular season games before the playoff run. Now, he is trying to establish a role for himself alongside Cook and Josh Hill “I think they’ll let his play speak for him," McAllister said after Arnold’s first preseason game which was highlighted by a touchdown grab but that moment was juxtaposed with his bobbled catch attempt resulting in an interception and touchdown return for the Vikings. "Obviously the pick-six, he’s just got to look the ball in. The effort is there on the touchdown pass is there and that’s what they like about him. The inconsistency, he just has to continue to be more consistent as a player. Right now, I think he does have some time. It’ll be on Sean [Payton] and [Tight Ends] Coach Dan Campbell as far as the patience they have with him but they like him as a player because they’ve kept him around and continued to try to develop him to see if he can continue to be a playmaker for them.”

The Saints will be back in action Sunday at 3 p.m. central time against the Chargers. Deuce McAllister will provide analysis later that night on the Final Play, as well as on the Black & Gold Review Show Monday at 10:35 p.m.

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