Vacationing Americans want internet more than air conditioning, survey says

Survey: Americans want Internet more than air conditioning on vacation

(Gray News) - No internet access may sound like a first-world problem, but nearly half of Americans (49%) believe that’s enough to consider a vacation a disaster.

OnePoll surveyed 2,000 people on behalf of Roku and found that only lost luggage (54%) would be more disastrous.

Air conditioning has provided a standard of comfort for decades, but respondents claim they would rather have online access than a non-sweat-inducing room temperature. Only 38% of those surveyed considered an air-conditioning outage a vacation calamity.

But truthfully, who enjoys or even tolerates being hot? The legitimacy of those responses may be up for debate, especially since scientists have found July set a new global heat record.

Perhaps a destination not overwhelmed by summer heat and humidity would be bearable without air conditioning. Even so, keep in mind that even Alaska endured weeks of above-normal temperatures, the Associated Press reported.

And a massive heatwave swept across Europe in June and caused a pile of chicken poop to spark a wildfire in Spain.

Perhaps the numbers speak more to Americans’ dependence on technology, whether it’s to pass time or enjoy oneself.

Air conditioning fared better on a list of rental home must-haves, with 61% in support. But the internet took the top spot with 74%, followed by television at 62%.

Researchers have found children beg their parents to watch TV after about 31 minutes on vacation, and adults will seek the WiFi password within 27 minutes.

As it turns out, we can escape the stress of our everyday lives, but our desire to remain up-to-date on our favorite shows will follow us everywhere.

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