Sulphur considering allowing alcohol sales to those in motor vehicles

Sulphur considering allowing alcohol sales to those in motor vehicles

SULPHUR, La. (KPLC) - The City of Sulphur is considering doing away with an over 30 year ordinance prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages to people in motor vehicles.

“The intent we believe was, in 1983 when they passed this ordinance was to prevent daiquiri shops in the city of Sulphur," Mayor Mike Danahay said. "That was the big rage at the time, so that was the intent of that ordinance.”

Danahay says times have changed.

“You know, technology has changed everything and the invention of the internet and internet ordering has brought this to light so we wanted to look at it again,” Danahay said. “There’s a new state law that the delivery services are now wanting to deliver alcohol. Even though that wouldn’t affect us in that manner it is out there that kind of brought more light to it. So we just wanted to go back and review it.”

The current ordinance restricts more than just drive-thru daiquiris; it includes ordering alcohol in grocery pick-ups as well.

“And that’s what came to light," Danahay said. "The grocery store chains in particular wanted to be able to sell the alcohol and be able to, of course, put it in the vehicle, but that’s prohibited under our ordinance. We felt like once we started talking about it was the restaurant sales that wanted to be able to serve through a drive thru window for one thing, and also grocery store chains and prohibiting them from being able to place it in vehicles.”

Now 36 years after it passed the Sulphur City Council has the option to repeal the ordinance at it’s September meeting.

“We have many new restaurants in town that are inquiring about it, so we just felt like this is something we needed to look at and review.”

Danahay says a public hearing, as well as final action on the prohibition, will be at next month’s City Council meeting.

“If it is repealed, they will then be able to serve it through a window,” Danahay said. “Grocery stores will also be able to place the alcohol in the vehicles. We did go around asking a few how they did it currently if they do have alcohol sales. For one location the person has to go in, present their ID and they mark their grocery bags that have alcohol in them. Other locations just prohibits it outright.”

Danahay says until final action has been taken, alcohol sales to those in motor vehicles remains prohibited.

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