First Alert Forecast: Higher rain chances bring some relief to the heat

KPLC First Alert Forecast Nightcast: Wednesday, August 14, 2019

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - For the rest of today, a weak cold front will push in from the north. This will not necessarily bring any cooler temperatures. This will bring more rain, however. The rain is what should help cool the temperature down some. Rain chances today will be up to 60%. I do want to be clear though. Temperatures will still be hot and will top out in the lower to mid 90s. Wherever we see the rain, it will cool down in that area. If you don’t see any rain, I would still use caution in the heat.

This evening, there will still be a lot of rain. Scattered showers and storms will be around. I would keep an umbrella with you if you plan on being outdoors. There should also be a lot of lightning associated with the rain. Use caution if you get caught in these storms. The rain will help the temperatures though. It will be warm and humid, but the temperature should be in the 70s and 80s.

Overnight, the rain should calm down a bit. There will not be as much rain. All I expect overnight will be a few sprinkles and maybe some drizzle. There should be many clouds around, so it will not clear out even after the rain comes to an end. Temperatures should be a little cooler. It will still be warm and muggy. It will no longer feel like the 90s. Instead, it will cool down to the 70s and lower 80s.

That cold front from Wednesday will stall over us on Thursday. Depending on where exactly this front stalls out, will determine how much rain we see. The latest trend is that it will stall just to our south, keeping the rain to the south. So, I have lowered the rain chance to only 40%. The rain will provide some heat relief. Temperatures will top out in the lower 90s. Wherever we see some rain, that will cool the temperature down more, at least for some time. Keep an umbrella with you and continue to stay hydrated.

Friday will not be a bad day at all. That cold front helped us by bringing the rain but also by pushing that ridge of high-pressure away. Therefore, we will not have temperatures quite as high. Instead they should top out in the lower to mid 90s. It’s still hot, but just not as hot as it was early this week. It’s not a big difference, but we’ll take whatever we can get! After all, it is now the hottest time of the year! Rain chances Friday are now up to 30%. So, a few isolated showers are not ruled out.

This weekend will have the rain chances go back up. The sea breeze will be kicking back into gear and will create higher rain chances. I have the rain chances up to 40% for both days as of now. The rain chances may increase even more if the latest computer models continue to indicate more rain. I am considering putting the rain chance up to 60%, so stay tuned. I still would not cancel any plans this weekend, but I would have an indoor plan alternative just in case. Temperatures will top out in the lower to mid 90s.

In the tropics, there is no activity. There is no chance of development within the next 2-5 days. Most of this is because of the Saharan dust moving off the coast of Africa. That is preventing any storms from developing. Now that we are in the beginning of August, the tropics are expected to become more active. As long as the Saharan dust sticks around, the tropics will remain at least somewhat quiet. We will be keeping our eyes on anything that may form and will keep you updated.

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