FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Heating up quickly ahead of afternoon/evening storms

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Dangerous heat ahead of strong afternoon/evening storms arriving today

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Cooling relief is on the way today but not in time before the blazing sun sends temperatures skyrocketing again into the upper 90s across most of Southwest Louisiana today expect for coastal areas, while feels like temperatures are back up to between 105 and 110. A Heat Advisory is back in effect today from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. as the heat will eventually get disrupted by numerous scattered afternoon storms.

If you’re sending the kids off to school with the umbrella today, make sure to also take into account the heat as well as storms could be delayed in arrival until mid to late afternoon. High temperatures will be back up to between 95 and 98 degrees with heat indices on average between 105 and 109 before the storms kick in. At least there is relief to the heat in sight!

Rain chances are up to 60% for the scattered numerous storms expected late in the afternoon through the early evening, and with the extreme heat in place, these storms will have plenty of fuel to develop into strong thunderstorms capable of strong gusty winds, small hail and numerous cloud-to-ground lightning along with heavy downpours.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Dangerous heat ahead of strong afternoon/evening storms arriving today

As many of these storms get a late-afternoon start, a few will continue into the evening, especially closer to sunset or even later. These storms will make their presence known upon arrival so make sure to have somewhere you can head indoors quickly if you plan to be outside working later this afternoon and track the storms by keeping the KPLC weather app nearby for alerts!

I went a little lower with rain chances at 40% for Thursday because the front is expected to put on the brakes and not move through officially until Thursday. This frontal boundary overhead will be the focus for more scattered thunderstorms likely during the day, although if some drier air begins to filter in early enough, storms could be more limited in coverage tomorrow.

By Friday, rain chances drop much lower thanks to a brief push of drier air but a big surge in tropical moisture over the weekend will send those afternoon storms back and that will be the heat relief that knocks down the afternoon heat a bit with highs in the lower 90s and lows in the middle to upper 70s over the weekend. This pattern of daily afternoon storms will continue each next week with a very persistent summer weather pattern in place.

For now, the tropics continue to remain very quiet in the short term, but keep in mind we are just entering the start to the busiest portion of hurricane season over the next several weeks so we need to continue to stay prepared and pay attention, although there is nothing to be concerned about this week.

First Alert Meteorologist Ben Terry

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