Candidates advised to make sure campaign signs are properly placed

Published: Aug. 13, 2019 at 8:07 PM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Campaign signs spring up in many high traffic areas, such the busy intersection of Broad and Enterprise in Lake Charles, and, as veteran candidates will tell you, they are expensive. As candidates were signing up to be on the ballot during qualifying, they were reminded to make sure they put campaign signs only where allowed as Calcasieu Clerk of Court Lynn Jones explains.

“Already seeing a lot of signs throughout the parish, they’re everywhere and there are some rules regarding campaign signs. They have to be on private property. They cannot be on public right-of-way,” Jones said.

So, signs are allowed only on private property with the landowner's permission,

It’s also important for candidates to make sure to know what’s private and what’s public.

Tammy York, with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, says their people do remove signs they find on state right-of- way.

“If a sign is observed in our DOTD right-of-way, we will remove them. If there’s an apparent monetary value to the sign, like those large signs, we will make an effort to reach out to the owner of that sign to try to give them an opportunity to pick it up.”

And she says not just political signs--other types of signs too will be removed. They are of particular concern if they pose a safety hazard.

"maybe they're a visibility concern, maybe they’re obstructing the visibility for our motorists. Anything like that becomes a concern for the department so it's not just political signs, it's any kind of sign that is in our right of way that could potentially become a safety hazard."

Besides properly placing signs, those running for office are requested to remove signs immediately once an election is over.

For more information on determining if it’s okay to place a sign somewhere, or to report an illegally placed sign or to try to retrieve a sign picked up, check out the following numbers below.

Louisiana DOTD says call 337-437-9100 and ask for a right-of-way person.

Calcasieu Parish police jury officials say call their litter hotline at 493-litr.

Click here to review the Calcasieu ordinance dealing with removal of signs and other items within the right-of-way.

A spokespersonf or the City of Lake Charles says they normally try to call the owner first to notify them and have them move an improperly placed sign. If that doesn’t work, they take the signs to the public works facility on Broad Street. People unsure if whether a sign is on a public right-of-way can contact the LC PUblic Works Streets Division at 491-1220.

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