Ralph Abraham promises to start work on new I-10 bridge if elected in October

Ralph Abraham promises to start work on new I-10 bridge if elected in October

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - A promise from President Donald Trump about building a new I-10 bridge is now a talking point for those running for governor.

Congressman Ralph Abraham echoing that same promise. He says if elected, work on the new bridge will start immediately.

"The point is the message,” Abraham said. “The president wants it done, I want it done, unlike the current administration of John Bel Edwards, we're going to make it a priority and we will get it done."

Governor Edwards said in January it's important to secure funding before announcing a replacement for the bridge.

"It is a high priority, but not an inexpensive one,” Edwards said in January of 2019. “So we continue to work on this and look for all the options to advance the project in terms of time but also identify the funding."

This summer, Governor Edwards signed into law legislation creating the Calcasieu Parish Bridge fund, which will direct money from any settlement regarding the 1994 oil spill toward building a new bridge.

Eddie Rispone also weighed in, saying:

“The condition of the I-10 bridge is both dangerous and an economic detriment to the state and region. It’s beyond time to address this situation. In my experience, when you face an obstacle in business you attack it and I will do the same as governor.”

But in this election season, voters say they want more than just campaign promises, they want to see action.

“I think here in Louisiana, we’ve heard a lot of promises,” one resident said. “Especially around election time. We just need somebody in office that can keep their word.”

“Promises are always made, actions are never completed,” another resident said. “They make those promises, they get elected, and then that’s it.”

The election for governor will be Saturday, October 12.

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