First Alert Forecast: Heat continues into next week

KPLC First Alert Forecast Nightcast: Saturday, August 10, 2019

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Dangerous heat continues this afternoon as we have a heat advisory in place until 7 pm. This means to use caution when spending time outside because heat indices could exceed 107 degrees through the afternoon. It will take a while for us to cool down once again as we don’t get a true cool down. Temperatures fall into the upper 70s, but we will still feel like the low 80s through much of the overnight hours. Humidity remains oppressive overnight and into Sunday.

We’ll start off with warm and humid conditions before transitioning to hot and humid by mid morning. That sun will be out in full force once again meaning we will heat up quickly! We’ll feeling like the upper 90s before noon and well into the triple digits by lunch time. Definitely not a day for a picnic unless you’ve got air conditioning! The heat will once again be oppressive as high pressure limits cloud and rain development through the afternoon. I can’t completely rule out a small shower popping up which is why there is a 10% chance of rain, but any rain will be hard to come by. Be sure if you are spending time outside to drink plenty of water, take frequent breaks, and wear sunscreen to protect your self! Conditions will continue to be unfavorable through the evening hours as we once again don’t get a true cool off. We’ll feel like the 80s for much of the night before dropping into the upper 70s just before sunrise.

Monday we’ll stick with this trend of oppressive heat as we continue to see high pressure keeping rain chances low through the start of the week. We’ll start with warm and humid before reaching hot and humid by the mid morning hours. We’ll likely feel like the upper 90s before lunch time and feel like the triple digits by the noon time frame. Be sure to use caution when working outside once again as the heat will be brutal. During the hottest part of the day we could see the heat index jump into the 105-110 range. Make sure everyone, including pets, has water and time inside because the heat will be stifling. Again, no true cool down comes with temperatures dropping into the upper 70s just before sunrise.

Tuesday is looking like our last day of this hot streak! We’ll see temperatures climbing into the mid 90s through the afternoon with more cloud cover starting to build ahead of greater rain chances on Wednesday. We’ve got that same high pressure sticking with us through Tuesday, but slowly loosening its grip on SWLA. We still need to use caution when working outside because we could still see the heat index in the 103-107 range through the afternoon. With clouds starting to move in that means it’ll be harder for that temperature to drop so we see no real cool down once again.

Wednesday the heat has started to lose its grip on SWLA with a chance for rain back in the forecast. Don’t get too excited because those showers will still be hit or miss. Meaning that some of us will still be dealing with some pretty extreme heat once again. Many of us will still see a heat index in the 100-105 range before showers and storms begin to move through. Rain we are expecting is associated with a weakening front dipping to the south, but ultimately dissipating before getting here. We see a few of those storms dropping through SWLA before dissipating giving us that 30% chance for a hit or miss shower. Still use caution when working outside!

That typical summer time pattern sticks around through the end of the week! We’ve got that chance for a hit or miss shower through the afternoon hours giving us a good chance to cool down briefly, but the heat will still be here. Highs are a few degrees cooler and the heat index will hover close to 100 through the afternoon. We see that chance for a hit or miss chance of rain continue into the following weekend, but that chance looks slim once again!

Out in the tropics nothing has changed. We’ve still got plenty of Saharan dust hanging around making tropical development difficult. The National Hurricane Center isn’t forecasting development for the next 2 to 5 days.

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