Simmie Cobbs fighting for spot in a crowded WR room

Simmie Cobbs fighting for spot in a crowded WR room
Simmie Cobbs is having a solid camp with the Saints. (Source: Josh Auzenne/Gray Television)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - In the ultra competitive battle going on in the Saints wide receiver room, one player is standing tall, literally.

At 6′3″, Simmie Cobbs is standing out, both with his size and his play on the field.

“We knew coming into OTAs that we had a good group of guys. We challenge each other to raise the bar because everyone making plays is going to make the team better. We encourage each other to make plays, there;s no we want someone to make more plays than the other. We just encourage each other,” said Simmie Cobbs.

Cobbs may be a new name, but he’s not a new face inside the locker room. He joined the Saints last year from Washington, though he never played in an actual game.

Still he says that time was invaluable for him.

“For the first time I was here I took a bunch of mental notes. NOw I’m able to run it through, practice it out. It helped me overall because I started to learn the concepts faster, the overall playbook faster: what Drew likes, what coach Payton what CJ likes and overall it gave me a great opportunity,” said Cobbs.

Cobbs is certainly not the only receiver north of 6′3″ vying for a roster spot. But with Emmanuel Butler and Keith Kirkwood out with injury, Cobbs has stepped up when given the opportunity.

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