Lowering your cable bill with a phone call

Lowering your cable bill with a phone call
Cutting the cord

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - There are a multitude of streaming services out there, so there’s no doubt you’ve at least thought about cutting the cable cord and going for an online version of a similar product.

Not to mention, cable is getting really expensive. It sometimes seems like cable companies find a way to raise your bill almost every month. Odds are, you’ve gotten your bill before and thought, “How did it go up? I didn’t change anything.”

Before you make the decision to do away with cable, there could be a simple solution that might help lower your cable bill.

Call them. It might sound obvious or ridiculous, but just call the cable company and tell them your bill is too high.

It just might work.

A survey of more than 175,000 people by Consumer Reports shows simply telling your cable company you want to pay less can really get you a discount.

Almost a third of those surveyed said they called to complain about pricing and were offered a new promotional rate. Almost a quarter of those surveyed said their bill was cut by up to $50 a month!

Others said they were given free premium channels, or had a fee, like activation or installation, waived.

For those that bundle TV and internet, some said they received an increase in internet speed for free or their fee for renting equipment, like a router, was waived.

The point is, you don’t know what they can offer you until you ask. Yes, cable and internet is getting more expensive, but look out for those hidden fees, and just call your provider and talk to them. Tell them you’re considering other options, and use all of these streaming service option to your advantage. However, be polite! It goes a long way.

For a link to the consumer reports survey, click HERE.

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