CBD producer says certain CBD products may cause positive drug screening results

Updated: Jul. 30, 2019 at 8:46 PM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Daniel Deville is a CBD producer here in the Lake Area. He says with all of the potential benefits of taking the product, there is one possible draw back.

"Those trace amounts of THC can show up on a drug screen,” Deville said. “Even though it will never get you high, it can be there."

He says it isn’t an issue in all CBD products, but he says certain ones allow for the THC chemical from the marijuana plant to seep into the product, making a positive drug screen a possibility. He says the manufacturers making the CBD products should be able to tell you exactly what is in it.

"Any legitimate company should have that on their websites somewhere, or you can call and they should be able to send that to you," Deville said.

That’s why Deville says if you are going to be using CBD, research into the product is important.

“CBD is one of those things that if you’re not careful, and you don’t know what’s in it, it can show a false positive,” Deville said. “As long as you know the product and you do the research into that product, you should be safe for any drug screens, you will not feel any euphoric feeling or high off of it. If you do, you’re using something that you shouldn’t, there is something else in it.”

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